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The second ‘marmite’ play in three days, but the same reaction. Indifference. If you plan to see it, its probably better to stop here.

Writer / performer Tim Crouch (who doesn’t perform, for the first time) has written a play about a pair of fictitious American female conceptual artists who bear some resemblance to Gilbert & George, in that they live their art (and were probably taking the piss too). It’s ‘framed’ by a scholarship presentation by an art student and takes the form of the creation of a film about the artists (rehearsal, location reccies, filming, viewing). The interval is part of it and there’s a nice twist at the end, but it takes two hours to get there.

Though it’s a clever idea, it’s rather laboured in production and a bit too obtuse, so that if he’s making a point, it gets lost in the pursuit of cleverness. The first half really is slow and dull, but it does pick up after the interval (for those who stayed). It’s staged with the wings in view and the stage manager at the back with her ‘book’. There are two children who, for some reason, carry things and stand in for a dead dog and a body. They wear headphones and look away the rest of the time (to protect them, I suspect) and sadly don’t hang around for the curtain call (neither does the dog). There’s a man with a ponytail sitting in the wings for no apparent reason.

You can’t fault the acting (particularly good vomiting and dying from Brian Ferguson) and it does intrigue and surprise you at times, but it all seemed a bit pointless and rather self-indulgent to me, a sort of in joke. Perhaps he shouldn’t have directed it himself.

It lived up to its marmite reputation, with walkers and cheerers. Me? A yawner.

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