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I groaned when I realised, minutes before the start, that this was six monologues, one of my theatrical bête noir’s. To their great credit, they won me over with an original idea, good writing, clever structure and staging and fine performances!

Set one year in the future, each of the characters is affected in some way by a (very plausible) terrorist attack in London. The six are a combination of the injured, those that have lost a loved one and survivors who had a close call. Rather than taking their turns telling their story, the stories interweave throughout its 100 minute unbroken running time, with a therapy group linking them at some points. They are more about their true feelings, many normally unsaid, than they are about the facts of the incident.

In confronting the unpleasant consequences and ‘bi-products’, it risks accusations of tastelessness and some in the audience found parts difficult to stomach, but these are things that can and do happen – lying, exploitation and deceit amongst them. The six actors, all excellent, are sometimes present during others’ speeches, sometimes moving around the stage or reacting silently to what’s being said. One actor occasionally breaks the fourth wall, bravely but very effectively. At only one point is there any interaction between characters.

It’s a clever piece and despite my aversion to the form, I came away feeling rewarded by the quality of Stuart Slade’s play, six fine characterisations and Dan Pick’s staging for kuleshow. Another fine evening at Theatre503.

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Well, I bet that title got your attention!

This show started in Malta and has landed at Theatre503 in Battersea via the Edinburgh fringe. It’s writers Boris Cezak, Kris Spiteri & Malcolm Galea are also the show’s two musicians and narrator. It’s tongue is firmly in its cheek and its huge fun.

Stefan runs away (from Malta) to the US when he discovers his fiance is a whore. He gets caught up in the porn movie business and falls in love with his acting partner but returns to Malta on developing an STD he believes she has given him. He’s followed to Malta where the rest of the farcical story unfolds.

The story is merely a vehicle for the fun, the music is good enough (with some very good song titles and lyrics), but it’s the performances that make it. Brendan Cull is a brilliantly nerdy Stefan, Jody Peach is wonderfully OTT playing fiance / whore Jade, Sophia Thierens balances porn star with besotted  lover perfectly, Alain Terzoli captures the vanity of the male porn star with a phd (work it out!) terrifically and I lost count of the roles (and the laughs) Ahmet Ahmet gets as ‘miscellaneous man’. The actors occasionally step out of their roles to complain about their lot and this works really well, adding yet more laughs to an already overflowing cup. I’m not sure the role of narrator is entirely necessary and may be job creation for the writer / lyricist!

It’s great to go to something that’s this much fun that’s staged and acted so well and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

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