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Playwrights often risk tarnishing their legacy by producing inferior work in later years, and this was very much the case with Sam Shepherd, who died just two years ago…..but we hadn’t seen this until now.

It’s a two-hander between old friends Ames and Byron on Ames’ front porch. Byron has come at his friend’s request to provide support at a difficult time. They go back a long way and they reminisce, drinking way too much bourbon, as they wait for the eclipse due that night. The alcohol brings with it some conflict, as alcohol has a habit of doing. It’s very much a play about friendship and seems like a ‘signing off’ play, with echoes of Beckett and Pinter.

It’s beautifully staged by Alexander Lass on an evocative set by Holly Pigott, with great lighting by Jai Morjaria. It should be seen for the performances alone – Christopher Fairbank and Joseph Marcell, both on fine form. It’s a gentle, reflective hour which brought back memories of the many Shepherd plays that have enthralled me. A must for Shepherd fans.

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