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Given the number of theatrical turkeys this week, you’d be forgiven for thinking you slept through to Christmas. This one at The Globe trumps the others in that it also qualifies as panto.

It’s based on The Bacchae, an excellent 2400 year-old Greek play, but this isn’t an excellent play; in fact, it’s a dreadful play. Playwright Che Walker has added in characters destroyed by Dionysus (The Lightning Child aka Bacchus) like Billie Holiday and a pair of London junkies. For some reason, astronaut Neil Armstrong also appears, and there’s a Jamaican ladyboy MC! It’s a real mess.

There’s completely unmemorable music by Arthur Darvill (poorly sung), tacky costumes, twerking (a new word I learnt this week!) and gratuitous f & c words that seem to be part of a strategy to shock you. Yawn. Add to this a handful of audience members who seemed to think they should join in and you have an interminably dull 80 minutes – and that’s just to the interval, by which time my inner voice was screaming ‘HOME! STIFF GIN!’

You have been warned. Don’t even think about it.

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