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This show, on the parade ground of the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, was part of the Greenwich & Docklands Festival, a unique two-week programme of free outdoor shows.

It purported to tell the story of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo from childhood through the accident which disabled her to life as an artist. There were four segments – air, earth, water and fire – but you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t read the programme (I had, but it wasn’t much help).

Some of the spectacle was superb, notably Hofesh Schechter’s dancers, acrobats on wires interacting with projections and animation on a vertical screen and four ‘Voladores’ (traditional folk characters) on ropes revolving around and lowering from a giant maypole.

The lack of a coherent narrative though was its downfall, and the audience distractions, notably filming and photography, didn’t help. It was free, so you can hardly complain, but it was a two-hour round-trip for a 45 minute show so I will!

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