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This first play by the Evening Standard’s vitriolic theatre critic is deeply old-fashioned, riddled with caricatures, cliches and stale jokes.

Though the event at it’s core – John Geilgud’s arrest in a gents toilet – may not have been, the historical territory and the issues have been well covered before. This play doesn’t add or illuminate anything and cramming 28 scenes into two hours results in a complete lack of depth.

I found Michael Feast’s Geilgud unbelievably camp, but I shall bow to his better judgement as he worked with him.  The rest of the cast do the best they can with the material the’re provided with and the director and designer have served the play well.

Why has Bill Kenright and this excellent  cast chosen to get involved with it? I can only assume Celia Imrie’s post-show Q&A joke ‘in the hope that Nicholas De Jongh doesn’t pan her in the future’ is actually true!

Despite most of his fellow critics rather shameful kid glove treatment, it clearly hasn’t found an audience – without the Whatsonstage.com crowd last night, it would have been very empty indeed and as the young actor charmingly said at the end of the Q&A ‘it was great to see so many people here tonight’. It seems all those dreadful bloggers might have more of a say than you think, Mr De Jongh.

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