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I didn’t read the reviews, but you’d have to be a hermit not to see the stars in passing, so my expectations weren’t exactly high.

The events of the play took place at a time where I was just about conscious of them as news items, but too young to be particularly interested. I haven’t subsequently read much about Onassis, so I have no reason to believe everything in Martin Sherman’s play (and Peter Evans book on which it is based) isn’t true.

The problem is, two hours of conspiracy theories, bullying, tales of sexual conquests and gossip about others’ sex lives is a bit relentless and makes you feel you’ve been beaten into submission and ready to accept that he was a power-crazed egocentric megalomaniac philanderer. So?

It might be true, but it still seems implausible and the result is heavy-handed and completely lacking in subtlety, objectivity and balance. The only interesting new fact / explanation I’ve taken away from it is his early life in Smyrna and it’s contribution in forming him.

I liked the idea of the Greek chorus and the use of Greek music and dance and Katrina Lindsay’s design is very good indeed. There’s nothing wrong with any of the supporting performances, but with such a larger-than-life main character, it’s hard for anyone to shine. I was expecting something very special from Robert Lindsay, but maybe he’s become disheartened after the reviews, but I found him good but not great – nothing like the passion he normally invests in his performances. At the curtain call, his facial expression seemed to suggest this and his gestures to the stage manager that there was to be no second curtain call as he walked off seemed to confirm it – but maybe after two hours of conspiracy theories, I was now inventing my own!

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