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Well, there I was sitting on a bench in a changing room with a swimming cap on listening to coach Ken’s motivational talk 10 minutes before me and my team are to head to the pool for our water polo match thinking ‘what on earth posessed me to come to this?’.

The changing room has been created backstage at the Barbican’s Pit deep in the bowels of the complex. There are eight of us, six women and two men. I’m old enough to have fathered all of them. Ken’s the only one we see, but there’s also a nameless female voice which we hear through headphones in our swimming caps. Still with me?

non zero out’s interactive piece explores teamwork and they seem to have chosen water polo to level the playing field, as it were i.e. no-one is likely to have any experience of it. In addition to listening to Ken’s encouragement we have to participate by revealing things about ourselves (though you can of course make them up) and engaging with our team mates in various bonding exercises. It all lasts for about an hour and if you hang around for a few minutes you get a team photo!

I admire them for trying something different and it does indeed make you think about teamwork. Somewhat bizarrely, as I looked at and talked to the other seven when we were waiting for our photos I did seem to see them as my team (well, I’d decided to wait for the photo after all). It was however, a bit ‘forced’ for me and when you’ve ridden the You Me Bum Bum Train I suspect all other site specific / immersive / interactive theatre is going to seem rather tame.


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