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Well, it won’t take much guessing as to what this is about! I think it’s the third show about the now legendary duo, following The Right Size’s The Play What I Wrote and Bob Golding’s Morecambe. This is more poignant and moving, but still very funny. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket of charm and nostalgia and I loved it.

In the first act, we’re at Ern’s hospital bedside and Eric’s appearance is posthumous. They talk affectionately about times together, recalling and reenacting moments from their career. This is funny and moving in equal measure. In the second half we have one of those iconic front of curtain routines – familiar and warm-hearted, and the smile never leaves your face.

The likenesses are uncanny, but it’s the chemistry of two close friends playing two close friends that makes it work so well; even the ad libs felt real. On the night I went, a train ticket fell out of Ern’s pocket; they’d travelled to Manchester for BBC Breakfast Time that day! Ian Ashpitel starts with a facial resemblance to Ernie but Jonty Stephens Eric relies on his height & build and those specs. Both are making their West End debuts as seasoned actors and both are superb.

It’s a lovely little show which fans will adore though, like The Beatles, they are well-known by those who weren’t around at the time and the humour has child as well as adult appeal, so I think it will attract more than just heardened fans. For me, it was about as feel-good as it gets.

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