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One day someone will develop a computer programme that writes a musical. You’ll be able to use it to give you ninety minutes of catchy tunes, rhyming lyrics and a simple story with goodies, baddies and a happy ending. Until then we have this show.

Set in ancient Greece, we move between the home of the gods on Mount Olympia to Hell, where Zeus & Demeter’s daughter takes a one-way ticket, does some good deeds, marries Hades and gets a free pass home for whenever she wants to see mum. Both the tunes and lyrics are bland. The book is embarrassingly poor. The dancing is choreography-by-numbers.

The writers, Marcus Stevens & Oran Eldor, and director Sarah O’Gleby are all American. The British band and young cast, a number in their professional debuts, try their best, though there was a sense on Friday, with a lean audience, their heart wasn’t really in it. How much had those four star reviewers drunk when they encouraged me to go?

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