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I had to be talked into spending over £2 per minute on Beckett’s monologue Not I, but I was very glad I did.

All you see in the pitch blackness is a mouth and all you hear is a stream of consciousness that’s hard to keep up with, but it’s poetic, musical & mesmerising – and a rather exhausting 9 minutes! Lisa Dwan’s performance is extraordinary, and when you learn at the post-show Q&A how she is blindfolded and strapped in, it’s even more impressive.

It’s the Q&A with Dwan, Beckett’s biographer and friend Jim Knowlson and retired critic Benedict Nightingale plus film of Billie Whitelaw talking about her relationship with the role and with Beckett that makes the evening an excellent experience all round and I ended up feeling I’d had reasonable value for my £20!

A rare theatrical event.

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