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This is effectively a staged song-cycle of 15 Kurt Weill songs from 6 of his American shows, linked together to tell the story of a relationship between a French chanteuse and an American songwriter.

They are well played and sung by seasoned musical performers Frances Ruffelle and Nigel Richards. There are two tango dancers whose authentic routines are interwoven with the story. The 7-piece band, under James Holmes no less, are superb (and they all even get to do a bit of acting). There’s a stylish design from Chloe Lamford……..

………..but it did absolutely nothing for me! I’m not sure I entirely understand why. It’s more of a sketch than a story. The songs are not Weill’s best. Maybe the slickness and style buries any passion. It  only really came alive three-quarters through its 90 minute uninterrupted length, by which time my mind was wandering.

I admired it, but I can’t say I really enjoyed it, or indeed saw the point of doing it. If you want to put on Weill, why not a chamber version of one of the neglected shows or just a concert? A worthy failure, I’m afraid.

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