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Thursday (the day after the Woolwich incident) probably wasn’t the best time to see Ayad Akhtar’s play about the after-affects of 9/11 on professional Muslims in New York.

Hot-shot lawyer Amir is persuaded by his nephew (who we later learn has been radicalised) to help an Imam who is being unfairly treated by the legal system. This affects his relationships with the Jewish partners of his firm, but it’s when his artist wife’s curator and his partner, who happens to be a colleague of Amir, come for dinner that everything unravels. He learns that this black female colleague has pipped him to the post for a promotion. Amir’s attitudes, long-buried, emerge again and destroy both his relationship and his career.

Though the issues are interesting and the debate is compelling, it felt too contrived for comfort. I can’t say I had any sympathy with any of the characters and I felt a bit manipulated by the set-ups. The scene changes were puzzlingly and unecessarily long, which slowed it all down somewhat. Still, it held my attention and the performances were all excellent. Nadia Fall directs it sensitively and Jaimie Todd has designed a big, realistic NYC apartment – but with a shallow rake to the seating, sight-lines were a bit challenging.

Good but not great.

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