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It’s been a long time since I had an Improbable fix. This might be a minor Improbable, but minor Improbable is better than no Improbable. This one is effectively a long adults-only Punch & Judy Show.

There’s an oversized booth with lots of ‘holes’ of various sizes, some big enough for people and some just big enough for heads, with the traditional Punch & Judy size curtained aperture at the centre. It’s a mixture of live, somewhat gothic, characters including historical puppet masters Harvey & Havey, and puppets including a whole litter of piglets!

From a typical Punch & Judy starting point, we move on to Mr Punch’s trial for murder, his meeting with the hangman and his descent into hell. It’s all very macabre, but also often funny, and there are a couple of lovely songs for good measure. Other pleasures include a group of bell ringers – just the hands and bells popping out of various apertures in the booth!

It’s overstays its welcome a bit at 100 minutes, but it’s inventive and fun. Julian Crouch’s imagination hasn’t diminished, even if he is showcasing it on a smaller scale.

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