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Breaking my no solo shows rule again for a late addition (well, for London anyway) to the Dylan Thomas centenary, a play named after a poem he wrote when he was 15.

Gwynne Thomas’ play covers the period soon after Thomas came to London and began working for BBC radio. Set mostly in the radio studio, some of it is ‘on air’ but most ‘off air’.  In addition to reading and talking about his work, he tells us about other aspects of his life and relationships and it ends as he considers another trip to the US.

I thought the performance (Rhodri Miles, excellent) was better than the writing, which seemed to lack focus and structure. I would have preferred a more linear story; it seemed a bit all over the place at times. The simple setting was atmospheric and a real sense of period was created.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the readings, plays, concerts and films of this centenary year; it’s extraordinary that a poet who died 62 years ago aged 39 can still cast a spell and captivate people.



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