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Well, it’s very colourful.

Another week, another film-to-stage show from a film I haven’t seen – and again, probably the only one in the audience who hasn’t. I’m told by my companions that it’s very faithful to the film – right down to the same accents (American for the donkey, Scottish(ish) for Shrek). Why? It results in lost lines. Well, I’m not sure many people in the audience spoke English at what is now clearly a tourist attraction for very young tourists, so I suppose it matters not.

The music, like Ghost, seemed bland and formulaic – I’m beginning to find that most musicals sound the same – and I can’t remember a single tune. It’s technically very accomplished. I like the low tech design – flying in flats, things that pop up and out rather than the projections and video of Ghost last week. The sound is good (when the audience aren’t eating talking or crying). The fairytale characters are brilliant creations and any show with three pigs get’s an extra star from me. It’s tongue-in-cheek with some nice humourous touches to keep the big people amused…..and its very colourful (though too much green for a  man like me at a Sunday matinée with a gargantuan hangover).

Nigel Lindsay and Richard Blackwood were good as Shrek and the donkey, though as I said occasionally incomprehensible. Kimberley Walsh is a better singer than she is an actor (that’s the nicest way I can think of putting it). I would liked to have agreed with other bloggers and critics that the show belongs to Nigel Harman, but we had his understudy – who was good though (how on earth do you act almost entirely on your knees?).

For once I completely agree with everyone else – a three star show if ever I saw one – can’t say I disliked it, will quickly forget it, wouldn’t go again. If I was a young person, I think I’d be saying ‘meh’……

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