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Sometimes, however many rave reviews & however many recommendations, you just can’t motivate yourself to go and see something. My particular bete noire is monologues and this monologue had rave reviews and I was inundated with recommendations, but it was only on its third outing that I relented. Of course, it was wonderful!

The Pilot is in action with the US Air Force when, during home leave, she meets someone and becomes pregnant. When she returns to duty some time later, she is horrified that she is posted to the Nevada desert to operate drones in Iraq. She eventually finds she gets as much of a buzz from long-distance virtual hits as live action.

Lucy Ellison is extraordinary and mesmerising from the first time she makes eye contact with you as you enter the auditorium. Standing in designer Oliver Townsend’s gauze cube lit by 29 small white spotlights from above and coloured underfloor lighting, she tells you her story as she uses the space restriction to advantage, making every move count, conveying her feelings at each point. Partner Eric and co-worker ’19’ really do come alive in the telling.

It might be a monologue, but in Christopher Haydon’s staging of George Brant’s play is tense, dramatic and gripping; if only all monologues were. Terrific.

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