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This isn’t a play as such; it’s an installation with a 45 minute performance at its heart. It’s theme is nature and our connection to it.

You can enter up to an hour before the performance and stay for up to an hour after it ends. There are screens on all four sides of the square space showing an ever-changing skyscape. In the centre there are c. 400 rough white bricks, on which there are c. 30 lamps of various heights. Three projectors intermittently show footage of sea on three up-turned bricks. It’s all rather relaxing, calm and gentle as people quietly take their seats.

A lady and a dog arrive. She turns off the projectors and returns the three bricks to their proper place. Once she’s settled the dog in its place, she sits on a revolving stool and begins to speak. The words are seemingly unconnected thoughts about what we like about nature. There’s a soundscape, the lights come on and off somewhat randomly and the skyscape changes continually. It remains gentle and restful and calming, even trance-like, hypnotic & soporific.

That’s about it really. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my 80 minutes of calm at the end of the working week, but I can’t say it was more than that really. Oh, and there’s a lovely free programme with quotes from people. Mmmmm…..

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