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Well, I saved this up for a Christmas treat, so I’m coming to it late. In another case of appropriate site specific theatre, E.Nesbit’s story is mounted in a traverse staging alongside two platforms of the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo Station.

It’s a pleasant enough experience, but I’m afraid I think everyone has been a bit seduced by the venue. Move it to a conventional theatre and this would be a slight story and a pedestrian production.

As it is, it’s staged well (though depending on where you’re sitting, it can be a bit like watching a tennis match, such is the width of the traverse) with good performances all round. The movement of the platforms on which most of the action takes place along the rails is quiet, swift and unobtrusive. When the train makes its appearance, it’s a treat, though I think they could contrive to arrange a few more appearances.

There’s not much meat in the story, but enough for ‘family entertainment’ . Some of the dialogue was lost in the surprisingly quiet amplification (you’d have thought they’d have sorted that after nearly six months). Even though it’s a station rather than a theatre, and there are 1000 people and a proper train, it’s a surprisingly intimate production, but one which for me was good but not great.

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