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This is the European premiere of a play by Canadian playwright Jordan Tannahill. He’s written eight others, but I don’t think we’ve seen any of them here, plus five films and a book, and he isn’t even thirty! On this evidence, he’s one to watch. The most striking things about it are how much ground it covers in 75 minutes, how mature the writing is and how it doesn’t take sides in what is an emotive subject, cyber bullying.

Michael & Deborah’s only son Joel committed suicide a year ago aged 16, and fellow student Curtis is considered to be at least partly responsible. Deborah befriends Curtis’ mother Tamara and they agree to meet at Deborah & Michael’s home with their husbands and Curtis over dinner. Deborah has put together a collection of Joel’s achievements and both her and Curtis have written letters to be read at the dinner. It’s an uncomfortable encounter, as you would expect. Divisions between the couples on the objectives of the meeting and their views on accountability for the death are laid bare, including the argument that Joel may have provoked it, but divisions within the couples emerge too. In addition to the issue of bullying, the play covers issues of parenting and parental responsibility, forgiveness and grief.

Zahra Mansouri has created a very realistic dining room in this tiny theatre with seating on two sides and you really do feel you’re in the room with them. The performances are uniformly excellent. Lucy Robinson as Deborah navigates brilliantly from ice cool emotional suppression to anger and finally to a display of grief. David Leopold is superb as Curtis, initially defensive and withdrawn, a reluctant participant, before his true feelings emerge.

Another Canadian find for the Finborough. I can’t wait to see more of Tannahill’s work.


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