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David Edgar has (I think) written the first play about our new political reality i.e. no overall control. It’s a spin on the Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman situations and has some great lines and good performances – but somehow it ends up a bit flat.

The first act takes place in 2010, leading up to the general election. A Tory candidate, Labour advisor and Lib Dem aide are stranded at Madrid airport as the Icelandic ash cloud grounds European air traffic. They eventually buy an unreliable motor and make the journey home via France, Belgium, Holland and across the North Sea. Along the way, they play out likely hung parliament scenarios and befriend young Hannah heading from gap year to uni. They end their bond by each sharing a secret.

In the second act, we skip forward to summer 2014. It’s the 100th anniversary of the First World War and they meet again in a church in the former battlefields. Tory MP Peter is on the Culture & Media Select Committee, Lib Dem Jo is advisor to Nick Clegg, Labour Sam is now in a think tank and Hannah has graduated and become Peter’s researcher. They share a secret that could cause havoc as the 2015 election approaches.

The parts don’t somehow add up to a satisfying whole. It’s a bit too wordy, clever and self-indulgent and I didn’t really care about anyone or anything, which made it somewhat unengaging. It’s a great idea which doesn’t come off. Somewhere inside there’s a great pay trying to get out, but it never does.

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