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I went to this show because a friend wanted to go. I don’t really do monologues, and I have a limited tolerance of storytelling, but it proved to be both charming and enthralling, and you have to like a show which starts by distributing free food.

Danny Braverman discovered a box of memorabilia left by his uncle Ab, a shoemaker. When he opened it he found lots of wage packets given to Ab’s wife Celie containing housekeeping money, each with a biographical drawing or painting on it. Together they tell their story of life together over more than fifty years from the mid-20’s to the early 80’s. With the addition of some family photos and a few other bits of memorabilia, it provides a captivating story of one family and half a century in London.

He has such an engaging style, you’re drawn in and feel like you’re getting to know all of the family – their two sons, sister and favourite nephew Danny himself. You learn about their Jewish traditions, family idiosyncrasies and important events. There are some fascinating revelations and it all comes full circle in a very satisfying way. You can even stay on and view the wage packets up close.

An unexpected delight.

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