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I think Covent Garden should rename the Linbury Studio Theatre the Tuckett Studio Theatre, such is the number of Will Tuckett’s dance theatre shows it has mounted! This one started life in the smaller Clore Studio a couple of years ago and has now been promoted to the Linbury for a long 30-show Christmas run.

Like Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at Sadler’s Wells, this is set during the second world war when a brother and sister are evacuated from London. When the brother finds he’s to be separated from his sister, he escapes and ends up in a park with the fairies where most of the action unfolds.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz’ story is a bit convoluted for the younger part of its target audience (7-14, though again parents think they know better and there were a lot of bored or scared under 7’s) & a bit overlong at 80 minutes without a break. There’s far too much pointless running around passed off as ‘choreography’ and as dance theatre it fails.

However, I really liked Martin Ward’s score, played live by keyboards and clarinet, and the  puppetry by Blind Summit is excellent (except when they’re part of the pointless running around!). It looks like they haven’t changed the design from the smaller space and it looks a bit lost in the Linbury. The performances though are good all round and as theatre it’s a partial success.

If they scaled it up and shortened it, it would be a whole lot better. I found myself looking at my watch half-way through feeling as if I’d got as much out of it as I was going to get out of it.

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