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This is a very clever way to explain the events of, leading to and following, the 2008 financial crash, though the view of one of my companions – that it changes each night depending on the composition of the audience – is I suspect true. We had a large party of young people who were very much game for participation which resulted in a loud, exuberant (and exhausting!) 110 minutes.

You’re split into two teams as one of the two actors introduces the evening in separate spaces. In particular, you have to choose a ‘unique talent’. Ours was rapping a particular song (the alternative was a tongue up the nose!); the other team chose a dance move. This is the first game played to ‘earn’ some of the actual 10,000 £ coins on stage which are later ‘invested’; the others involve bubbles and balloons! In between, our ‘former hedge fund managers’ play out scenes explaining their short and long games and the other financial shenanigans which screwed up the world economy.

I found the mix between games and narrative a bit imbalanced, with the former taking too much of the evening and going beyond a creative concept to swamp the ‘play’ somewhat, and the contrast too sharp (one a touch superficial / one a bit dry). I suspect the young people thought the opposite, even though they calmed down and were quiet during the latter. The post-crash representation was a bit disappointing and overlong and the final vote a bit simplistic. That takes nothing away, though, from the inventive concept and high energy execution by Lucy Ellinson and Brian Ferguson who deserved a medal for managing it all so well last night.

Writer / director Clare Duffy has produced a brilliant introduction to theatre for young people and has had a good stab at the tough job of simplifying and making accessible & palatable the story of how we got into this mess. I’d like to see it with an audience of fellow GOMs (grumpy old men!) to test the theory, but I don’t think I have the energy to repeat last night’s in-your-face version.

Definitely something to experience, whatever your age!

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