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For me, this was the-one-that-got-away in last year’s extraordinary Globe to Globe Festival; all of Shakespeare’s plays, each in a different language. There were others I missed, but this was the one I regretted missing most and I’m glad I got a second chance.

It’s only 80 minutes playing time, but it still feels like the real deal. Clearly you miss the verse, but captions giving scene synopses enable you to keep up without complete surtitles distracting you from whats happening on stage. In some ways, its a typically East European staging – radical and visceral – but there’s an edginess to Belarus Free Theatre which makes them unique.

In a brilliant opening scene, Lear distributes his kingdom as a pile of tin mugs which Regan & Goneril stuff into their skirts, revealing more than they probably should in the process. The storm is superbly played out with a polythene sheet and the minimum of water; the same sheet later provides a cover for the now naked Lear, Edgar & The Fool (played in English by Chris Bone). The final scene is as moving as I’ve ever seen it.

This extraordinary company are more used to modern drama, which makes this achievement all the more impressive, and one I’m very glad didn’t get away in the end.

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